Details of operations carried out by the Mechanical Branch

  1. Servicing, repairing and maintenance of vehicles allotted to every office-bearer at Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, vehicles at Vehicle Pool and vehicles of Fire Branch.
  2. Insurance, R.T.O. Passing, registration-related operations of all vehicles owned by Vehicle pool.
  3. All work-related to tender process for the procurement of new vehicles and machineries.
  4. Prepared technical specifications of items/equipment related to fabrication as per the requirement of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, got approval, and all the work related to the tender process for purchase.
  5. City bus service are managed by GMC including tendering with related work of correspondence with GSRTC and Government.
  6. Fabrication related work and installation and repairing of necessary equipment at the vehicle pool owned by Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation.
  7. Repair work of all mechanical equipment are carried out.
  8. Verification of monthly bill of different make/model vehicles given under the contract of “Operation and Maintenance” of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation and performance of visit as per requirement.
  9. Procurement of tires, batteries, oil-lubricants, etc. as required for all make/model vehicles of the officers, vehicle pool, and fire branch as well as operation of tire-puncture.
  10. Payment of monthly bill of petrol-diesel issued in each vehicle sent from Vehicle pool and Fire Branch.
  11. Disposal of every vehicle scrapped by Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation by auction.
  12. Sector -28 Balodhyana owned mini-train-repair operations.
  13. Clarification of technical matters of Mechanical and Vehicle pool branch at Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation and other operations related to the branch.

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